Smalls is a category that covers so much of the things we love: ceramics, lamps, books, curios, jewelry, collectables, and more!  We have soda-pop bottles, toys loved long ago, baubles and bangles, tools, kitchenware, figurines, folk art, vintage novelties, and so many other things that you are *sure* to find what you are looking for!  This is the place to find those signature items that are conversation pieces, or that missing link to fill out your collection. 


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Cheerful vintage pink butterfly necklace from designer Betsey Johnson.


Make your own butter with this vintage #2 churn from the famous Marshall Pottery in Texas.

Pop Culture

Missing a bottle for your collection? I bet we have it here somewhere.


Light up the night with this antique German lantren.


This sweetheart is folk pottery from Sarkoz, Hungary.

Colbalt and gold

Lovely small pitcher with gold luster details.

Spinning Wheel

Straw into gold? No problem with this castle-style spinning wheel.